Responsive Web Trends Conference

Free Event • February 12 • San Francisco

About The Speakers

Jason Grigsby

After spending over a decade as a desktop web developer, Jason joined forces with the three smartest people he knew and started Cloud Four. Since co-founding Cloud Four, he has had the good fortune to work on many fantastic projects including the Obama '08 iPhone App.

He is founder and President of Mobile Portland, a non profit dedicated to promotion and education of the mobile community in Portland, Oregon. Jason is a sought after speaker and consultant on mobile technology.

You can find him blogging at, his personal site and on Twitter as @grigs. Jason's expertise includes information architecture, usability, and emerging technology like social media. He has been a featured speaker at various organizations on topics ranging from web analytics to web site performance.

Greg Nudelman

In one sentence, Greg Nudelman believes in designing what works. His first experience with designing for mobile came when he joined the SkunkWorks team that created the original eBay mobile app that today generated more than $5 billion in revenue. For more than 15 years, Greg helped craft cross-platform digital experiences for today’s top Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and startups: Intuit, eBay, WebEx, Wells Fargo, Safeway/Vons, Cisco, IBM, Groupon, Associated Press, Oracle, the U.S. Patent Office, and many others. 

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Ben Callahan

When he’s not enlightening design teams around the world, Ben is immersed in his role as president of Sparkbox, a 21-person company that builds responsive websites and web apps while practicing a collaborative, flexible workflow. He’s also the creator of the Build Responsively workshop series, writes regularly on The Foundry, and for publications like .net Magazine and Smashing Magazine.

Jérôme Petazzoni

Jérôme is a senior engineer at Docker, where he rotates between Ops, Support and Evangelist duties and has earned the nickname of “master Yoda”. In a previous life he built and operated large scale Xen hosting back when EC2 was just the name of a plane, supervised the deployment of fiber interconnects through the French subway, built a specialized GIS to visualize fiber infrastructure, specialized in commando deployments of large-scale computer systems in bandwidth-constrained environments such as conference centers, and various other feats of technical wizardry. He cares for the servers powering Docker, helps our users feel at home on the platform, and documents the many ways to use dotCloud in articles, tutorials and sample applications. He’s also an avid Docker power-user who has deployed just about anything on Docker – look for one of his many custom services on our Github repository.

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Jef Rice

As Moboom's COO, Jef is responsible for the company’s product strategy and its technical delivery. Before joining Moboom, he led US-based mobile marketing company Gumiyo from inception to profitability while managing the growth of nearly 30,000 sites with more than 100 million page views. He’s led large development organizations responsible for creating products in diverse industries, such as automotive, enterprise CRM and application hosting. With more than 17 years of expertise, Jef has led a long list of companies through enterprise-scale product development cycles, resulting in numerous industry awards. He’s won the IBM/Lotus Beacon award for Best Product on multiple occasions.

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David Penner

David has led Moboom’s software engineering efforts since 2012. Previously, he worked as the Vice President of Engineering at BluLabel, where he was responsible for operation of all of the company’s daily deals ecommerce websites, with a peak audience of 50 million people and 11,000 transactions per site per day. David oversaw all engineering consulting projects from planning to customer delivery. He served as the technology interface for all business partners, and worked closely with developers to architect technical approaches for projects. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Todd Buchanan

Todd has been an integral part of the Technical Evangelist team and is now managing the Client Services department at Moboom. Previously, he worked as designer at Guide By Cell, where he was responsible for designing and developing the first CMS targeted to museums and cultural institutions. 

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Ben Sargent

As Chief Software Architect, Ben is responsible for all aspects of Moboom's platform and technology—from vision to implementation, scalability to stability. Previously, he founded Minigroup, a private and secure sharing platform. He served as the company’s Interaction Designer, and with some input from server developers and visual designers, he designed and coded the UI, and conducted user testing. Ben is also the founder of 50 Large, which has been providing design and web development services to small businesses since 2007. Before founding his own companies, he worked as a Client and Interface Architect at online gaming company Chartwell Technology. 

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